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International Women's Day 2018!


We are happy to announce that we are joining the Women Techmakers Global Event Series Celebrating International Women’s Day! The International Women’s Day by Women Techmakers Berlin celebration is happening on Thursday, March 22 and we would love for you to be part of it! Our location this year is the Digital:Lab Volkswagen. International Wom... continue reading

My experience at the JavaScript Crash Course Berlin


I recently had the opportunity to attend the JavaScript Crash Course by Women Techmakers Berlin. It was a 2 months course, the lectures were every Thursday from 7 PM to 10 PM and the goal of the course was To introduce JavaScript and Node.js as a platform for backend applications. At first, when I signed up to the course, I was unsure if I was ... continue reading

Stammtisch in 2017


This year we decided to try out a new format. Every third Wednesday of the month we would have our monthly meet up, or Stammtisch (the German word for regular’s table). We started our journey in August, sitting around a long table by the Spree, and it has been an amazing open format. There are no presentations here, only community members netwo... continue reading

Keep cool and keep on coding


My story begins at the point where I started studying computer science without any prior programming knowledge. Rough start It wasn’t a required skill so I just figured out it wouldn’t be a problem to learn it, as I always have had no problems with math and logic in general. It turned out to be harder than I had estimated. Most of my peers had ... continue reading

Teaching for WTM: Just do it!


My journey with Women Tech Makers of Berlin started with answering a post on Facebook. I was more than thrilled to get involved and help anyway I could. The original idea was for each of us to teach our area of expertise. This idea didn’t pan out for multiple reasons. No harm done, I was still on board with the idea of teaching. However, I woul... continue reading

A PhD student's impressions of Google Developer Days


Two weeks ago, Natalie, an inspiring friend of mine and leader of Women Techmakers Berlin, asked me if I wanted to go to the Google Developer Days, which is a two-day event where developers meet to discuss and present all things Google- and development-related. I had never been to such an event before as I never really thought of myself as a dev... continue reading

International Women's Day


We celebrated IWD for the 3rd year on 08/03, and it was awesome! We had over 150 participants. We expected less, so we only made 150 badges, and that’s when we stopped our count :) It was hosted at c-base, a spaceship that is a hackerspace in the heart of Berlin. There were 6 speakers telling there stories, all coming from different backg... continue reading

Telling Our Story


This year’s theme at the International Women’s Day was Telling Our Story. In the event we heard stories of women in the Berlin tech industry, learned about women in STEM and took a step in making our own story. To celebrate such special day, we would like to hear all the voices from our Women Techmakers members in Berlin. And we would like to a... continue reading

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